Providing homes to build one community.
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Who We Are

Hosanna Community Development LLC has its birth in a community vision to create safer communities where children have opportunities for a bright future by developing solutions that build resilient youth, strengthen families, transform struggling communities, and build pathways to economic opportunity with the family, community, and youth-serving agencies. We believe effective collaboration greatly influences communities and functions to improve wellness among community members.

Our Owner

Rev. Charles Lee Dinkins, as Founder/President and CEO of Hosanna Community Foundation, Inc., a non-profit community outreach organization, uses prevention science and community ministry experience to build individual, family, and community resilience within communities. HCF’s desire to develop comprehensive prevention/intervention plans for indigenous communities in addition to implementing community mobilization strategies, capacity building training, and programs designed to address gun violence holistically within identified boundaries have created Hosanna Community Development LLC to develop a housing community for families that thrive to improve the quality of life for children. Hosanna Community Development LLC, along with HCF, serves high-risk neighborhoods and understands the risk and protective factors of community and family life that contribute to children’s positive development. Thus, Hosanna Community Development LLC envisions a community of residents who desire to enhance their quality of life and plan for the future well-being of their children. The collective passion of both agencies is to provide safe places of learning, safe havens of hope for families, and activities that serve as pathways to success for youth and families. The collective goal is to reassert the community’s youth a sense of hope for the future through positive youth and adult relationships and alliances that assist them in navigating the maze of childhood and adolescence to achieve a productive adult lifestyle.

Our Mission Statement

Hosanna Community Development LLC shall accomplish its vision by working together with residents, community-based private and public non-profit agencies, as well as federal, state, and local governments to create social, economic, and environmental conditions in which youth and families can thrive.

Our Vision Statement

Hosanna Community Development LLC envisions a community of residents who desire to enhance their quality of life and plan for the future well-being of their children.

Our Core Values

As a community development organization, we value:

  • Education as a pathway to a positive future.
  • Employment as a pathway to sustain a positive future.
  • Respect for leadership from diverse stakeholders who contribute to our work authentically with the community’s best interest at heart.
  • Collaborations and partnerships, both internal and external.
  • The uniqueness of individuals and communities/neighborhoods.
  • The applied and theoretical dimensions of community development.
  • The development of communities through the wise use of natural, economic, social, and human resources.
  • Scientific information and local knowledge as a basis for decisions.
  • Civic involvement or participation to improve the quality of community/neighborhood life.

Let’s Work Together

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