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Hosanna Community Foundation History

HCF is a Florida based 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 1995 to serve the needs of inner-city families in the greater Liberty City/Brownsville area of Miami-Dade County. HCF’s approach is based on the combined strength of community partnerships, core professional staff, and community volunteers. HCF uses Collective Impact, Strategic Prevention Framework, and Annie E. Casey’s Evidence Success Fund Mapping and Strategic Finance components as guiding principles to develop its community prevention plan.

HCF’s usage of these evidence-based models as guiding principles has led to an increased understanding of underlined root causes of the identified risk and protective factors of the community and family life within the community that contributes to the wellness of children. The agency’s vehicle to improve youth wellness is to provide safe places of learning, safe havens of hope for the families, and prosocial activities that serve as pathways to success for program participants. Through diverse activities, HCF aims to reassert the community’s youth a sense of hope for the future through positive youth and adult relationships and alliances that assist them in navigating the maze of childhood and adolescence to achieve a productive adult lifestyle.

Hosanna Community Development LLC’s mission is to impact the Miami-Dade community by providing high-quality youth and family programs. To cultivate an environment for continuous personal growth and to explore new opportunities that increase the quality of life for the communities served.

Ignite desire within the communities served to make the changes to improve the quality of life. To strengthen individuals, families, and communities by seeking continuous opportunities to provide program activities that promote positive change within individuals, families, and communities.

Hosanna’s purpose is to provide meaningful services that meet the total needs of youth and families within Miami-Dade County. The Foundation is a not-for-profit public-supported organization. It is organized exclusively to provide social services that develop or enhance the continuing opportunities for advancement in health, education, economic development, employment, life skill management, and community awareness.

Our VISION is that the world will respond to our mission, passion, and purpose in serving them in the spirit of excellence by living a transformed life.

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