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Hosanna Community Development LLC, in partnership with Hosanna Community Foundation, sponsors the Youth Achievement Project, which is A Safe Haven Program. In Coordination with community residents and partners, including the Urban Partnership of Miami-Dade County Coalition (urbanpartnershipmdcc.org) , address the improvement of youth wellness on three levels of service. They are Direct Services, Environmental Strategies, and Legislative Advocacy activities.

YAP Objectives Include:

  • Provide strategically located safe places of learning that give hope and serve as pathways to success for program participants and their families.
  • Implement the Positive Action Program Curriculum, an Evidence-Based Program as the community common language as an Environmental Strategy.
  • Provide academic/family literacy enhancement programs and activities for preschool, elementary, middle, and senior high school youth and their families with standardized program activities at each strategically located site within program boundaries to ensure one core program at different sites.
  • Form partnerships with other local community-based organizations, including but not limited to; community-located schools, the State of Florida and United States Attorney’s Office Southern District, Department of Juvenile Justice, Miami-Dade Family Court system, the Department of Children and Families, etc.

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