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Children of Inmates Program

This is a referral-based program to provide holistic support to children of incarcerated parent(s). Services provided prison visitations to selected locations and case management services.

Liberty City Protecting Youth Partnership -Direct/Indirect Gun Violence Specific

The Liberty City Protecting Youth Partnership’s purpose is to create and sustain a functioning and clearly defined community system of care. The System of Care provides a total spectrum of social services, trauma/mental health assessment, and treatment, including other necessary prosocial activities such as education enhancement, employment skill development, STEM Training that leads to vocational careers, mentoring, individual and family counseling, etc.)

LCPYP performs as an organized coordinated continuum of care network working to meet the multi and changing needs of children and their families affected by gun-related violence within the LCPYP service boundary.

Program requirements must involve youth client(s), 18 YEARS AND YOUNGER, and show documented evidence of being involved in a gun-related violence incident. Involvement, for example, means any family member the youth lives with or is involved with, any occurrence at a community event, etc. LCPYP is child-focus and serves all youth 18 years and younger, including their family members.

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